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WiseFixer review

Friday, 18 January 2013

WiseFixer is actually a fairly comprehensive suite of optimization tools that centers around a registry repair module. Used together, all of the tools result in impressive performance enhancements that you wont see with registry optimization alone.

If the plus sides are that WiseFixer is a solid alrounder, the negative would be that the product hasn’t been updated (to my knowledge) in a while and the support isn’t as good as some other software vendors.

Let’s dive into the detail and see how it stacks up against our registry software buyers guide


This is where WiseFixer scores highly. The product consists of 5 modules, but I have condensed them into three since a few of them duplicate functions:

  • Scan Clear – A classic registry repair tool that identified and fixes errors in your registry. Alone, this tool will noticeably increase the speed of most Windows machines.

  • System Optimize – A collection of tools that help manage the operating system, such as start-up items, desktop, browser objects, file extensions and so on. Some of these can easily be completed for free but it helps the non expert to have them all available in one simple tool.

  • IE Tools – Helps maintain the speed and health of Internet Explorer, removing harmful BHO or malicious plug-ins.
  • Backup – not really a performance booster but useful to create restore points before optimizing your system

  • Error protection

    WiseFixer doesn’t run in the background to protect against. Personally I actually think this would be a counter productive feature anyway since any program running in the background will be using resources and slowing your machine down.

    Help and support

    WiseFixer is weak in this area. The website features a FAQ which will leave a lot of users scratching their heads. The only other form of support is an email address, which may leave you without a clear answer for 48 hours+

    Other names: WiseFixer, WizeFixer, Wise Fixer
    Requirements: Windows XP | Windows Vista

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    Fri 18th Jan, 2013

    Is this software still available? I think I bought it two years ago and have a new computer now. Is there a newer version available?


    Fri 12th Oct, 2012

    I've had wisefixer for about two years. I googled them today because I wanted to know how to transfer it to my new laptop. All I seemed to fin were people saying they are a scam, but it's not the case because it has worked for me for years. I just wanted to say that somewhere.


    Mon 24th Sep, 2012

    Not bad. Not worth the full price version at $99 though


    Fri 1st Jun, 2012

    Doesn't seem to work with Windows 7


    Fri 1st Jun, 2012

    I wouldn't use anything but RegZooka because nobody else has ANY customer service