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Smart Phone Monitoring Software


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Spy Bubble review

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Spy Bubble is targeted at home users - particularly those looking to keep tabs on their children and partners. With that in mind, the product is very user-friendly and is presented on a website that is easy to understand and jargon-free.

So here's how Spy Bubble stacks up against our Smart Phone Activity Monitoring buyers guide:

Supported phones

The software supports all major smart phones, including all versions of the Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows 6.x, Windows 5.x and Symbian. Support for Windows Phone (the newest Windows software for mobile phones) has not yet been released. A full list of compatible handsets can be found on their website.

To function, the phone must be connected to the internet, therefore a data plan will be required. The software will work on any mobile phone network.

Type of activity recorded

The system records all SMS activity and all call details. It also allows you to access the phones address book to see who's listed. Note that the software does not log internet activity or record visited URLs as some other products do (such as Mobile Spy).

Track location

The software tracks the location of the phone via GPS so that you know exactly where it's been. The login area includes Google Maps that let you see the movement history easily.

Stealth mode

The software is completely hidden so that it can be deployed in stealth mode if necessary.


All activity is uploaded to a secure area on the Spy Bubble website. A demo is available so that you can see the format and detail of stored data. All data can be downloaded as a CSV file for use in spreadsheets and databases.

Multiple licences for business

Spy Bubble does not offer any discounts for multiple licences as the software is focused toward home users.

Help and support

Basic knowledgebase support is included, however Spy Bubble charge an extra $9.95 for extended customer support.

Other names: SpyBubble, Spy Bubble,

If you need help deciding between Smart Phone Monitoring software look at our comparison chart to quickly compare titles and download trial software.

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Fri 18th Jan, 2013

Perfect. Website is a bit shit but it works, great for keeping tabs if you think the other half is playing away


Sat 29th Dec, 2012

For $49.95 you too can spy on any mobile phone it really works. imagine what a billion dollars affords.. #surveillance


Mon 24th Dec, 2012

I have used this software for an android, it works well. I installed it on my kids phone, I am happy that I am using it.


Thu 19th Jul, 2012

RT @Wightley: Take A Look At This Review Site On A Cool Mobile Phone Spying Software Called Spybubble. Download Spybubble


Wed 21st Mar, 2012

just wanted to comment
i got the spybubble for my iphone it worked great i found out some stuff i would have never known bout! Then the target phone got replaced i tried to reset everything but am havin a hard time customer service is helpin but i just cant get it to work its a shame cuz i really need my spy