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Mobile Monitoring

Track the usage of any smart phone - ideal for use on children's phones

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mSpy SpyBubble Mobistealth PhoneBeagle Highster Mobile
mSpy SpyBubble Mobistealth PhoneBeagle Highster Mobile
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Online Privacy & Memory Erasers

Keep data protected from online threats and protect your privacy by permanently erasing your activity from a shared PC or laptop

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NetDuster EvidenceNuker Hyper Wiper Evidence Eraser Privacy Eraser Pro
NetDuster EvidenceNuker Hyper Wiper Evidence Eraser Privacy Eraser Pro
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Registry Repair

Computer slowed down or repeatedly crashing? Speed up your machine by up to 70% through regular registry repair and optimization.

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RegDefense RegCure RegGenie FixCleaner Registry Easy
RegDefense RegCure RegGenie FixCleaner Registry Easy
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RegDefense review

Monday, 21 January 2013

It’s my opinion, as an IT professional, that RegDefense is one of the best registry optimization software product available at this time. Wow, that’s quite a claim, so I’d better back it up! To me it comes down to two things – the quality of the product and great support.

The product itself is well designed and easy to use. It is simple enough for the home user, but powerful enough to satisfy the IT department or small business.

Let’s see how RegDefense stacks up against our registry software buyers guide


RegDefense does two things very, very well. It’s a registry scanner and repair tool, and it’s a tool that helps you manage which programs load on system start-up and allows you to tweak other essential system setting that impact operating speed.

The registry scan and repair tool is extremely comprehensive. I wont list the full list– it can be found on their website, but for the techies out there you’ll want to have a read.

Error protection

Some registry optimization software products scan the registry in background providing continuous protection. RegDefense doesn’t do this, which I see as a big bonus. You don’t need continuous protection of the registry – it is far better to simply run the scan once per month. In addition, any program running in the background will be using resources and slowing your machine down – defeating the point of the product!

Help and support

Xionix, the company behind Registry Defense, provide a range of support options and in my experience are quick to help out when needed. A comprehensive FAQ is backed up with email support. The only negative is that they don’t offer telephone support, which is becoming a rare bonus on the internet today.

Overall, RegDefense is a great product – better than many of the packages that include more features. From my perspective it’s a strong BUY!

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